Prior to listing on CoinExchange, please be aware of the following ongoing obligations you will inherit as a coin developer.

You will need to provide notice for the following:

  1. At least 14 days notice of any updates or maintenance required eg. technical problems, significant code or protocol changes. This is extremely critical in terms of hardforks.
  2. Any issues which will affect deposits or withdrawals of your coin / token from CoinExchange we require immediate notice.
  3. Any issues with your coin, including network functionality problems, hacks, as soon as you become aware of them.
  4. If you are conducting a coin swap we require as much notice as possible. We aim to give our community 30 days notice of any impending coin swap. Swaps are approved on a case by case basis and are solely at our own discretion.
  5. A minimum of 30 days notice if you want our assistance with an air drop. Be aware that support for this is solely at our discretion.
  6. For any listings & updates to Bitcoin fork coins we require it to be published on an offical GitHub repository.

Coin development teams are entirely responsible to report all issues which can or could affect the functionality of their coin / token immediately upon the issue arising.

Coin developers teams are liable for payment of all costs incurred relating to any losses caused as a result of code problems, chain forks, changes to advised distribution model or any other technical issues affecting the currency.

Please be aware of our delisting policy prior to listing: