Please consider the information provided below as it may assist you with your application.

We understand that all crypto projects are different, however, there are a few key qualities that will increase the chances of your application being successful:

  • A development team with proven historical involvement in the industry.
  • An established project with proven functional utility, portraying potential for longevity.
  • An active community presence within a large userbase.

We appreciate that every project must first start as an idea, so we do our best not to discriminate against new proposals.

Do not be discouraged if you do not yet possess the aforementioned qualities as we assess all listing requests individually. Applications will often be approved based on the projects promise and potential.

To understand factors influencing your application, you must understand our fundamental ethos.

First and foremost, it is’s mission to provide a secure platform from which the community can access, store, transfer and trade cryptocurrencies in a free market scenario.

We aim to share our optimism for the growth of the cryptocurrency industry by inspiring both new and veteran users to take part in its future. is a free market.

It is inevitably the community that will instigate growth and bring change to the industry, so our approach is to provide a free market scenario which fundamentally places the power in the hands of the people.

We endeavour to list innovative, good quality crypto projects both new and established to facilitate this, but ultimately, it is essential for users to make their own informed decisions about the inherent merit and/or promise of a project.

While we do our best to review all project applications, we cannot assure the personal integrity of a project’s development team, nor can we guarantee the project’s growth to its investors. reserves the right to add any market and/or coin/token to its exchange for any reason and without prior notice to facilitate an improved trading experience for our userbase.

Which coin/token platforms does currently support?

At, we currently support the following coin/token platforms:

  • Bitcoin derived currencies/Bitcoin core forks.
  • ERC20/Ethereum assets.
  • QRC20/QTUM assets.
  • Komodo/Komodo chain assets.

We are happy to consider and negotiate projects that utilise other platforms within your listing application.

How do I apply to have my coin/token listed on

We attempt to make the listing application process as smooth and straight forward as possible, all applications are processed exclusively through our support platform (Freshdesk) without exception.

If you wish to apply to have your coin/token listed on our, please click the link below and create a ticket.

Upon receipt of your request, your ticket will be assigned to one of our dedicated coin listings team members. They will guide you through the entirety of the application process and will assist you with any questions you may have.

Our listing service is offered exclusively via Freshdesk. If any individual, consultant and/or advisor contacts you claiming to be one of our team members, we suggest discontinuing correspondence immediately.

In some cases, our listings team members may initiate contact with project developers through the project’s official communication channels (eg. Discord), however, we will always be sure to verify our identity.

How long will it take?

As a general principle, we aim to initially respond to applications within three business days of submission. The review process can be relatively swift, but is dependent on the amount of time required for you to produce the information we request.

In the case that your project is approved, the currency and associated markets will be listed within 7 days.

What happens if my application is unsuccessful or declined?

There are a myriad of reasons that will influence your application’s success, but statistically, most unsuccessful applications are declined due to underlying legal or ethical considerations.

If your application is unsuccessful, we will notify you through your Freshdesk support submission, but may choose not to provide feedback or reasoning for our decision.