Tracking code.

This is the code used to create a tracking link, it is unique to you.

a12bc345 (example)

To create a tracking link, you just need to add the Tracking Code to any URL on

?r=a12bc345 (example)

This will create a 30 day cookie on a user’s browser. If the user then creates an account within that 30 day period, your account will be recorded as the referrer, and you will earn a commission on every trade that referred user generates.

Some example URLs that you can use: (example) (example)


What are Maker and Taker rates?

A Market Maker is a trader that creates an order that is not matched in the live order book. That is, a trader that is creating a new trade opportunity with no opposite matching order.

A Market Taker is a trader that purchases or sells, fully or partially, into an existing order. Example: if there is a current active unfilled Sell Order on the XYZ/BTC market for 10 XYZ at 0.01 BTC (the Market Maker order). A trader that purchases that Sell Order is the Market Taker.


Affiliate rates.

Maker Fee Commission Rate: 2.50 %

Taker Fee Commission Rate:  5.00 %



How often are trade commissions processed?

Once every 24 hours.



How do I receive my affiliate commission payments?

Every 24 hours, we calculate the total amount you are owed for each of the base currency markets BTC, DOGE, ETC etc. You will receive a deposit into your main account for the sum amount owed per base currency each day. Affiliate commission payments into your account can be viewed on the deposits page/s and will be marked as 'affiliate commission'.