What is a cross-chain deposit?

A deposit of one coin to a different coins' address is considered a cross-chain deposit.

The recovery of cross-chain deposits is an inherently dangerous and a very time consuming process. Not all deposits can be recovered and dependent on which currency has been mistakenly sent to which address can influence difficulty, time and security risk involved. For this reason at CoinExchange,io we have a fee structure for the recovery which is based according to these factors:

  • Mistakenly sent BTC derived coins the recovery is a flat 0.05 BTC fee, eg. BTC to BCH address.
  • Mistakenly sent ETH to a ERC20 Token recovery fee is a 10% of the transferred amount and a minimum amount of 0.1 ETH. For example ETH to BQX addresses.
  • Mistakenly sent ERC20 Token to other ERC20 addresses recovery fee is 0.5 ETH. For example BQX to ETH address.
  • Mistakenly sent deposit between ETH and ETC addresses incur a recovery fee of 0.5 ETH.

How long does recovering my deposit take?

We aim to recover Cross-chain deposits within 14 days, however, please appreciate we generally have a large volume of these mistakenly sent deposits to attend to, hence, recovery is at our discretion, please be patient.

NOTE: We will NOT recover coins or tokens we do not list or support on our site.