fee structure:

Trades/Buy & Sell Orders:

  • All buy and sell orders are charged 0.15% of the total trade amount.
  • If an order is cancelled and not executed, this fee is not charged.
  • If an order has been partially executed, the fee only applies to the traded amount; the remaining amount of an order that has not executed will be fully refunded upon the cancellation of the order.


  • There are no fees for deposits. However, for certain coins there are minimum deposit amounts which need to be met for the funds to be credited into your account.
  • If a deposit has been mistakenly sent to the wrong address (eg. a customer sends ETH to their BQX wallet), these funds will not automatically show up in their account.
  • At this point, with customer errors such as this, it is an extremely time consuming process. We have to manually recover and reprocess the transaction, due to this there is a 10% fee of the total deposit amount.
  • We endeavour to reprocess transactions as quickly as possible, yet, cannot give a specific time frame, please be patient.


  • At it is not our aim to profit off withdraws. However, all coins have a network transfer fee that is built into the coin. Due to this we need charge a small amount to ensure this fee can be covered.
  • The withdrawal fee for a coin can be viewed by clicking on the fees page: