The following instructions will walk you through the creation of a account:

1. From the home page click on the “Register” tab which will direct you to page:

2. Enter your email address into the "Email Address" field.

3. Enter a username of your choosing into the “Username” field.

4. Enter a password in the "Password" field. It is recommended that you use 12 or more characters and a combination of letters, numbers and symbols to increase your passwords security.

5. Re-enter the same password in the "Confirm Password" field.

6. Your screen should look similar to this once the information is entered:

7. Click "Register" and on the following screen you will then see:


An email has been sent to It contains an activation link you must click to activate your account.

8. In order to complete the registration process, you will need to open your email account and look for an email from "" with the subject "Welcome (selected username)".

9. Open this email and click the activation link. The link should look similar to this:

10. Once you have completed this process, you have successfully registered your account at and you will be directed to the screen below:

11. Troubleshooting Note: If you see an error page like the one below when clicking on the activation link, it usually means the link has been clicked twice. In this case, the account is already activated, please proceed and login.