At times, if there is blockchain congestion on the Ethereum network, we may manually disable the ETH wallet as a precaution to prevent new transactions from being sent to a congested network, that may lead to orphaned transactions. This is a provisional and temporary measure; once the congestion on the Ethereum network has cleared, the wallet will be re-enabled.

Ethereum blockchain congestion is a global issue which can occur. Usually, this takes place when there is a crowdfund and individuals rush to send their coins, increasing the gas price of all transactions on the network. This flood of traffic leads to wallets, such as that on, that receive heavy loads of traffic to experience a delay in processing time.

In the event you have sent a transaction and then notice this error on the wallet, please be patient and do not be alarmed. The wallet will re-enable to normal functioning status. Your transaction should be in the global Ethereum transaction pool and will get identified and confirmed by the network once active again.

What do I do if I have waited an hour or more for ETH related transaction to process?

Please head to one of the Ethereum block explorers listed below and search the transaction id (txid).

If the transaction cannot be found in the block explorer it may have be orphaned. If this is the case, please submit a support ticket and included the following information.

  • Destination Address
  • Transaction id (txid)
  • Transaction amount

What is an orphaned withdrawal?

In simple terms, an orphan withdrawal is a transaction that the wallet created and generated a transaction id (txid) for.

Yet, the wallet software was unsuccessful in getting this withdrawal accepted into the blockchain and the transaction funds have been returned to the wallet.

In the case of orphaned transactions, we will need to manually credit your account and have you resubmit the withdrawal.