Deposit times can vary from coin to coin and can depend on the speed and health of the block chain.

To check your incoming deposits follow these steps:

  • Login to your account.
  • Navigate to My Account > Deposits page.
  • You will then see all incoming pending and complete deposits in order of time.

Deposits require a minimum number of confirmations to be credited to your account. This is dependent on the coin, different coins require different numbers of confirmations to be confirmed.

If you do not see a deposit within 10 minutes we advise that you check your deposit in a block explorer for the coin you are trying to deposit.

For example to check the status or whereabouts of a BTC deposit please go to: and search the address or transaction id (txid) of your transaction to see the status of the transaction on the block chain.

If after 30 minutes you still do not see the deposit in your Deposits page. Please start a new support ticket. Make sure to include all relevant information about your missing deposit such as:

  • Deposit Address
  • Amount
  • Transaction ID (txid)
  • Link to a block explorer showing the transaction as valid
  • Your account username